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Over 43 Years of Providing Innovative and Compassionate Licensed Mental Health Services

“Experience the hope of a fortunate few in a setting like this” - Ed Bradley, during an Emmy Award-winning segment of the television program 60 Minutes.

Welcome to ASC Treatment Group

The Treatment Facilities of the Annie Sippi Clinic

The ASC treatment group is a collaboration of licensed mental health providers who have been working together for more than 43 years. We employ evidence-based practice (EBP) models, and our programs provide a variety of treatment methods with the goal of reducing symptoms, creating healthy relationships, a sense of dignity, healthy leisure time management, self-determination and productive living.


We operate distinct residential and outpatient treatment environments including an urban residential center in east Los Angeles, a rural treatment center on 15 acres alongside the Kern River just outside the city of Bakersfield, and an innovative day services center in North Hollywood, California.


We are a group of multi-disciplined mental health professionals dedicated to the provision of EBP services to individuals diagnosed with major mental illnesses. ASC focuses on integrated services for the whole person developing, strengthening, and maintaining appropriate adaptive behaviors. We assist clients in managing and gradually eliminating maladaptive behaviors and illness symptoms in supportive, creative respectful settings. It is the expressed intent of the ASC-Treatment Group to offer a rich, supportive environment, with the collaborative services one would expect of a homelike residential setting. ASC employs a robust staffing model to include mental health, medical and behavioral health professionals.

Our Services

Case Management
and Treatment

ASC Offers Cost Effective Collaborative Treatment Services to Our Clients

Residential Treatment Services

Our Anne Sippi Clinics in Los Angeles and Riverside are two safe, supportive residential living environments.

Outpatient Services

ASC provides outpatient services for non-residential clients at our North Hollywood facility.

Integrated and Accessible Services

A long standing commitment to provide effective, compassionate and modern services grounded in understanding our clients

Our Anne Sippi Clinics provide individualized services tailored to our clients’ unique needs

Recreational therapy is coupled with creative and aesthetically pleasing residential and day services opportunities.

For more than 45 years the ASC has been providing innovative residential and outpatient treatment services

Explore Our Two Locations

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Our Values

As Needed 1:1 Program Support Services

ASC provides evidence-based practice (EBP) services to individuals diagnosed with a major mental illness. Our environments are appropriate to serve individuals who may also experience developmental disabilities.

Robust Staffing Model

We employ experienced professionals in most every domain associated with appropriate services. This includes board-certified psychiatry, psychologist services, licensed therapist services, licensed nurses, behavioral technicians, certified in substance-abuse counseling, and other modern forms of practice to include dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and other cognitive behavioral models.

On-Site Behavioral Support and Crisis Resolution Services

Our staffing models, facilities and programs work toward restoring individuals opportunities for self determination by eliminating maladaptive behaviors, unproductive coping models, and illness symptoms in a supportive, respectful setting

Residential Treatment Environment with Social Opportunities

ASC embraces creative environments with are engineered to consider each persons experience, directly and indirectly encouraging opportunities for social experience. With daily opportunities for creativity, self-expression and stimulating experiences which minimize the characteristic overstimulation associated with our clients diagnosis. Board certified psychiatrists/medical director, licensed nurses, licensed psychologists, MFT’s, LPT’s, and behavioral technician’s help make ASC programs successful.

1:1 Program Support Services

ASC provides evidence-based practice (EBP) services to individuals with may require adjusting levels of individualized services. Our staff are available to help to support each clients treatment experience while assessing their immediate needs. This may include interpersonal buffers (1:1) to allow for a more comfortable and safe experience. These services are available to each client as appropriate, and as a part of shaping each plan of care.

On-Site Recreational Services in a Supportive, Homelike Setting

The ASC models considers creativity a key to facilitating personal growth in every service environment. Our facilities are interesting, aesthetically pleasing, and involving. These efforts can be described as “creative environments that also treat mental health conditions” as easily as referring to them as residential treatment centers.

What ASC Stakeholders Are Saying

Excellent staff who care. I'd recommend them to any loved one or friend in need; well rounded and down to earth. It's been years; however, they as a whole have left a positive impression.

D. I. California

This is the place Is the best, the staff respect the clients, the staff are very polite, it is their top priority to help the clients, they work hard, they are very clean, always prepared. I would seriously recommend this to anyone.

C. C. California

Staff who care, services that we don't see enough of. Highly recommended, five stars

K. I Washington

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